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Last night we played the first session of our Unknown Armies game – being run by Luke. Basically we’re a bunch of Mak Attaxers who give “special orders” to random people, these orders being meals containing magical charges. One such customer was a wannabe rocker, the charge managed to make his group’s song so catchy that if you heard it, you had to listen to the song a second time to get it out of your head. If you didn’t hear the song, you became irritable and desperate to hear the song again.

Problem was, the band is GOD-AWFUL, and so is the song.

So much fun and wackiness ensued while we tried to sort out the problem we had started. 🙂

Now turning to yesterday’s debate – I put together a post, but it didn’t go through.

What I wanted to say was that Adrexia and Nick, you both kind of missed the point I was making.

Adrexia, you fixated on my saying Human Nature is a myth, without considering the entire argument. What I said was that humans define their nature, and the problem that has developed is that nobody has worked to clean up that definition, so it has overbloated to the point that you can pretty much say “that’s human nature” about nearly anything.

Your argument that you can define what human nature means to you merely proves this. So as a rebuttal, it has very little effect on my argument.

I’ll also add that this is an informal forum, so don’t expect a complete and well thought out thesis – there is a lot of research and work needed before my case for responsibility is ready for serious criticism. 🙂

And Nick – you kind of missed the point. I am talking about how individuals are not like the general population. That was the whole case of why I was feeling disappointed with humanity as a whole.

What I was saying was that because some individuals take responsibility and act in a certain way, then it means that all humanity has that potential. If someone acts greedy, then all humanity has the potential to be greedy. If someone performs an act of kindness, then all humanity has the potential to perform an act of kindness.

I’m not expecting the world to suddenly be all rainbows and lollipops – but I do think it is reasonable to expect people to take responsibility for their choices. Free Will allows us to ignore our instincts. So saying “I’m lazy because it’s human nature” is a cop-out. At least have the balls to admit when you have made a choice – whether the choice is good or bad.

Yes, people make mistakes – I never said anything to contrary. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t admit to making a mistake. That’s the difference.

Responsibility gives you power. If you find yourself saying “I hate how selfish I am” – then realising that your selfishness is something you have chosen to be gives you the power to change it. Now there are some people who do choose negative traits and admit to choosing – but they then say “because that’s the way the world is” – which really is the same thing as saying it’s human nature. They are taking responsibility for the choice, but then try to reason that they didn’t have a choice…

*sigh* But I’m probably just going to upset more people here. So I’ll leave off it for the week.

I hope you guys can see what I’m trying to say here. Like I said, it’s a work in progress. 🙂

Well, I’m going to be spending the day at home, looking for more work and hoping to hear back from EB. 🙂

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