I finally got to run Nine Worlds last night at Nick and Nasia’s. With the demise of Fireborn, I’ve decided that Wednesday would be a better evening for casual gaming, where players can come and go, and we can try out a variety of games just for fun.

Unfortunately, I didn’t count on Paul and Nick P being so prone to playing on each other. I should have learnt by now. *sigh* Also didn’t help that I wasn’t particularly in touch with the system – which is very much like Primetime Adventures, but with a bit more depth to the mechanic.

Over all, I love the game and with a group of players who are willing to take it seriously – it would be pretty cool.

Basically the game was set up with everyone waking up on a spaceship suffering from Amnesia. We managed to get the game moving along a very cool plot line involving Atlantean space pirates and an assassin who had smuggled snakes from Venus to Luna.

The system has some odd quirks – stories are only driven by players, the GM just shows up to facilitate and run NPCs.

This is kind of cool, but it relies on the players working together during character creation and making sure that their individual storylines link together. Otherwise the game gets messy. I also didn’t like how a lot was kind of left for granted. Even with all the examples of play it was hard to see where the roleplaying came in.

When a conflict is resolved everyone takes turns in narrating the outcome (as long as they succeeded) and there was never a clear indication of *how* this worked. Narration seems to often be a third-person perspective thing.

Again, the right group would really make this game excel. It has a cool universe and the system really is well suited for that setting.

All in all, I loved it and will need to run it again to get a better feel for it – this time with more of an idea about how it works. 🙂

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