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So for those who didn’t already know, I traded in my old Nintendo DS and games etc for…

A PSP. Yes, counter to many people, I have abandoned Nintendo for the superior processor, superior design and just downright superior PSP.

This came after the revelation to myself that Nintendo’s line-up of products was seriously limited in interest and playability. Even games like Animal Crossing and Nintendogs had short play-life before they became tiresome and chore-like in quality. Kind of misses the point of gaming.

In contrast, PSP has a superior graphical processor and some damn sexy games.

Me and My Katamari has definitely managed to win me over the most. Despite a god-awful control set-up (the Katamari is the large nubbly thing rolling up buildings there, it is a BITCH to control) it is a game that is insanely addictive. I keep being drawn back to it to play more and just try to out do my previous Katamari success.

The beauty of Me & My is that it manages to have a game that can be played in short bursts or in long sittings. Each challenge is pretty easy to complete in 5-10 minutes, but often I find myself just going back for the next challenge – because the music is great, the imagery is fun and the humour is just spot on. There is something hilarious about seeing your Katamari rolling madly down a hillside sweeping up children and parents in a zoo, while other people flee in terror from what can best be described as an oversized dog’s chew toy. 🙂

Or hearing the yelps as dogs are rolled up onto your Katamari – their legs waggling in the air as they try to free themselves.

It’s strangely hilarious.

And due to clever trading, I have barely spent more than I did on my Nintendo for it. 🙂

In other news…

Well there was a hiccup at the printer, which has meant that a couple of my orders are now a week late in being delivered. The printer has promised that this is a unique situation and he will be doing better in the future… but sometimes I do find myself worrying that I wont be able to keep up with everything that is going on. 🙂

I have some thoughts to speak about recent events in Lebanon and Israel – but I think I’ll save those for a different post.

Catch Y’all later… 🙂

Love and Huggles


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