In Space No One Can Hear You Work…

Planetes has been an anime that I have toyed with buying into for a while now. The art design is attractive, and the cover showing one of the characters mid-space walk is very evocative. As is usual when I’m intrigued by an anime, I checked out

To say the reviews were glowing is probably a bit of an understatement. After watching four episodes now, I have to say that it deserves every ounce of praise. What makes Planetes so appealing is what would normally make it seem so boring – it is unlike other anime in that it is literally about people living normal lives.

It’s just that these people just happen to work on a space-station in the year 2075.

Planetes tells its tale at an easy pace, taking its time showing us how everything works. While some of the technology is a bit on the advanced side the physics of the setting are pretty faithful to reality. The DVD comes with an interview with people from NASA, and a lot of the designs are pretty convincing.

The characters are all warm and likeable people who behave in a comical manner – but not too over the top. I can’t help but feel that the show would have worked live-action, and the scripting really treats it as if it is a live-action dramedy. 🙂

What appeals to me are the little details that they think of. When characters are travelling in zero-g areas of the station, there are cut-shots showing their feet hooking into railings, or their hands/feet pushing off surfaces. This allows the animators to convince the viewer that everything you see is genuinely happening in a zero-g environment – often used to great effect when less trained characters will unexpectedly go out of control.

Very clever.

I highly recommend checking this show out – it has a certain appeal and charm that has impressed me. Loads of fun.

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