In a bit of a break from my ranting, I thought I’d chat a little about the latest show I’ve been watching. 🙂

Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex is a reimagining of the highly acclaimed movie of the early ninties. Taking its cues from the original Manga, the series is a clever mix of one-off stories and an interlinking series of “complex” episodes.

The general set up is Japan in the year 2030. Cybertechnology has reached some pretty impressive levels of sophistication, allowing for a large number of people in the world to be cybernetically enhanced in some way or another. Most people have a “cyberbrain” installed, which basically allows them to be linked into a variety of wireless networks and peripherals.

Most interestingly is the development of Artificial Intelligence. The series often explores the the implications of having AI technology so advanced that it is indistinguishable from real-life. Yet the series shows that humanity has identified a thing called a “Ghost” which is the sentience of a human being. Your ghost is something that AI can’t mimic, yet it can be transfered from one body to another. The concept is quite fascinating, especially when characters identify that a “ghost” can’t be copied – or when it is, it degrades. However it can be transfered to a cyberbrain – allowing some people to live longer in robotic bodies.

Visually, GiTS-SAC is freaking gorgeous. Possibly the sexiest of the standard animes I have – Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Cristo) remains the most lushly animated show. GiTS-SAC has an impressive degree of detailing put into the backgrounds, characters and simple tricks like the lighting. The CG work is damn impressive. From the beautiful opening episode, up to the latest show I’ve seen where one of the Tachikoma battletanks goes on a trip to help a girl find her dog – it’s all very clever and beautiful to watch.

Most impressive is the blending of GiTS philosophical themes about what humanity is and how “unique” are we with a high action show. Very few episodes have a slow down in pace – most of them involve a great mix of action and thematic discussion.

This is a definitely 5/5 show to date. I’m hoping it keeps up the momentum. 🙂

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