Finally back to more Reviews! I have a lot of shows to discuss, and this is just the beginning.
So having finished working through all the anime in my collection at the moment, I was casting about for a new show to watch. As many long time readers of this blog know, I have a soft spot for those late 90s early 00s teen-adult shows like Smallville.
Roswell had been teasing me from the shelves of several video stores for months, but the shocking $99 per season price kept me from committing to the series. Finally the price has dropped to a very reasonable $NZ 169 for all three seasons.
So after a little budgetting, I picked up the full series and have just finished watching Season One.

Strangely Familiar and yet so New…

The first thing that struck me about Roswell was how much it reminded me of Smallville. The Pilot episode kind of covers similar ground – even though Roswell precedes Smallville by several years. Mysterious kid with strange powers, pines after the cutest girl in school, is a bit of an outsider… all that stuff.

What Roswell does differently is that it tries to deal with teen angst in a more realistic way. Smallville has an annoying habit of keeping things at status quo. Roswell has a definite “get over it” quality to the show. Problems arise, and characters try to move on to solutions. There is still the teen angst “you just don’t understand me!” However, this is resolved and dealt with.
The characters learn from the events they are in and communicate with each other. Max reveals his powers to Liz and tries to deal with the consequences. Liz doesn’t wait around for Max to get his shit together when she realises he loves her – they talk about their feelings and admit them to each other. None of Clark’s wimping out on Lana.
Roswell isn’t about will-they-wont-they, it’s about how will they manage to keep together when the world is trying to keep them apart. Best of all, Max and Liz have allies who want to see them together, and do things to help them get over their teenage foolishness.
I love this show for it’s ballsy nature. Death, sex, child abuse – like Smallville it covers a lot of teen issues, but actually makes them relevant. Best of all it often turns cliches on their head. For example, we are initially treated to an X-Files type government conspiracy – but as the series progresses the show reveals that just because a faction within the government is the enemy, that doesn’t mean all the American government is evil.
I like this recognisation that individual people make bad decisions and can be cruel – but this should not be equated to all the people involved with the organisation. An interesting approach for a conspiracy based show.
The balance of normal soap style drama combined with science-fiction elements makes for a very compelling show that manages to be a bit more engaging than Smallville.
I rate this show. Check it out sometime! 🙂

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