In my travels investigating WebTV in preparation for my own project, I ‘ve come across some really brilliant material!

There is a large and continually growing community of WebTV shows that are literally paving the way for the generation in television. They cover all manner of genres and styles, and are a mix of amateur to professional in quality.

Currently my two favourites are both comedies.

Something To Be Desired is a show about a group of friends and work colleagues connected to a non-profit radio station in Pittsburgh – WANT FM. It has a great mix of ad-libbing and scripting to produce and amusing show that is also touching. I love the characters and how they interact.

The humour is subtle, with very real situations involving very real people.

On the converse side, there is Goodnight Burbank which looks at what goes on in a newsroom while the articles play. It is fricking hilarious! Although I personally love the spin-off series Goodnight Burbank Breaking News with Autumn Stanton – which involves on location reporter Autumn and her constant frustration with her NBC newsreporter roommate (who is a complete airhead.)

Check out these sites and treat yourself to some very talented shows. This is the kind of thing I’m hoping to produce with Project TWC. Fingers crossed. 😀

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