Okay, so I caved in to flatmate pressure and got myself an Xbox 360. What can I say? Overlord, Oblivion, Gears of War – over the last few months Microsoft and Xbox 360 have been doing a good job at being an enticing console purchase.

Now before some people decry “hypocrite” for my PC/Mac debate – this is a different issue. I’m looking at consoles, not PCs.

Well firstly, as much as I love Sony they have been just flubbing things up with the PS3. The long wait for decent games – still waiting – the high pricing and general lack of appeal has made Xbox 360 an attractive and affordable alternative.

So how is the Xbox 360? Currently, it is a lot of fun – but not without flaws. The first and foremost is the lack of proper instructions. The PS2 came with both a fantastic guide to how everything worked along with a very intuitive control interface.

Xbox’s control interface isn’t that difficult – but some things are just a little esoteric to understand, and the guide book is a bit light.

On the other hand, it is a very fun console gameswise. This is where Microsoft have really stepped up to the plate. They have clearly learnt a lot of lessons from the Xbox/PS2 battle, and by releasing the 360 a year ahead, it has had time to build up quite an arsenal of good games.

It is unusual to now, a year down the track, look in a games shop and find title after title of 360 games I want to play, but no ps3. Sony have better get their act together soon with their releases, or they may see themselves losing the console wars.

Not that I’m ruling the PS3 out, Metal Gear looks freaking awesome, and there is still Final Fantasy XIII to consider. (Although there are rumours that FFXIV will be on Xbox 360, and not PS3…)

In regards to games – I’ve been playing Overlord, which is a freaking fantastic little game. But more on that later. 🙂

Until then…

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