So it all began with this on’s trailers.

While I appreciate that Brideshead Revisited has always been a tale of forbidden love, and epic drama – it still is bizarre to see the film version sold in a kind of Talented Mister Ripley extreme blockbuster way.

Charles Ryder! Was he just an innocent painter twisted by hedonism, or a calculating sociopath looking to shag his way into gentry!

Something tells me that the actual film is just not going to be a shock-a-minute sexy thrill ride that this trailer is implying it is.

Amazingly enough, this ploy is likely to work though – getting people to talk about the film. I think I will definitely be checking it out – if only because I love Emma Thompson as an actress, and it looks like she is at the top of her game in this film. 🙂

Love and Huggles