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Tania's logo design

Tania's logo design

No I’m not talking about an old fashioned program what used a little icon that drew in straight lines, but the logo has been designed by Tanya! Yay! Hope you like it. We had considerable discussion about it.


Nick C. and I are slowly developing the storyline for the proposed second series already – as I have probably mentioned before, the goal here is to be ready in the event that The Winding City is popular enough that we can get some funding to make a second series.

Based on the notes so far, the second series is going to be considerably longer, and will involve some more elaborate scenes.

I’m quite excited about what we are discussing and hopefully we will be making a move towards script writing soon.

Key points are looking into the relationships between Bram and Tama as well as Alethea and Kaj. We will also be exploring the city more, showing more of what its denizens do on a daily basis.

We will also start uncovering more of the cosmology, mythology and major plot.

I think you will be surprised with where this series will head – let’s hope we get to show it… 🙂


Well I have managed to do it again – set myself insane challenges.

Today I will be seeing the first rough cut of episode one of the Winding City – I’m keen to see what Jarratt has done so far, it sounds like he’s got a good eye for the way the story should flow, and shares many of the same ideas I do for the series.

I have begun work on “Setting it Straight,” a smaller project that will be something I’ll shoot in the lull between series 1 and series 2 of The Winding City. (In theory…) I have added a page here that will be the go to spot for updates on that project. It will cover conception through to completion – a kind of example of how I work on these series.

On top of all that, I’m currently brainstorming the various elements of the second series of The Winding City with Nick C. It’s kind of exciting what we have planned currently, and I hope we will be able to make the next series – it will raise the bar and set new challenges for cast and crew…

Finally, I have to investigate the possibility of getting funding for turning the first series into a feature film. It’s only an flight of fancy at the moment – but I am toying with the idea of rewriting the first series (again!) to turn it into a 90-120 minute feature. If we went that route, we’d need real funding and all be willing to take a few months off work to actually make the sucker… hence it being something that is only being toyed with by myself at the moment.

On top of all my projects, I’ve also agreed to look over something Bernice is working on when she has completed it! I love it! This is what I want to be doing as a career, and I am determined to plow ahead and get all these projects going. (Or as many as are feasible…)

Strangely, it isn’t as stressful as one might think. I do believe that when you have a passion for what you are doing, you find you can handle considerably more work than you normally do.



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