Tania's logo design

Tania's logo design

No I’m not talking about an old fashioned program what used a little icon that drew in straight lines, but the logo has been designed by Tanya! Yay! Hope you like it. We had considerable discussion about it.


Nick C. and I are slowly developing the storyline for the proposed second series already – as I have probably mentioned before, the goal here is to be ready in the event that The Winding City is popular enough that we can get some funding to make a second series.

Based on the notes so far, the second series is going to be considerably longer, and will involve some more elaborate scenes.

I’m quite excited about what we are discussing and hopefully we will be making a move towards script writing soon.

Key points are looking into the relationships between Bram and Tama as well as Alethea and Kaj. We will also be exploring the city more, showing more of what its denizens do on a daily basis.

We will also start uncovering more of the cosmology, mythology and major plot.

I think you will be surprised with where this series will head – let’s hope we get to show it… 🙂