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Jarratt said to me recently that it is good to keep momentum going when you are working on a project. With The Winding City heading well into post, with the second episode looking pretty good so far, I need to leap into my next project as soon as possible.

So daring am I, that I have already put out a casting call for Setting it Straight. I have continued to revise the first two episodes, but I’m keen to get my characters cast and the actors rehearsing while I finish off the first series of SIS.

Once again I find myself with more actresses than planned female roles and not enough actors. Currently I’m investigating whether I can get some funding to help entice more talented cast with actual money – but I’m not sure how viable that option is going to be. To make funding work out, I really will need to work on a business plan as to how the series could potentially make that money back.

It’s feasible – but adds a whole new layer of difficulty to planning the series.

What strikes me as interesting is that there seems to be more actresses willing to work on volunteer projects than actors. Of course it doesn’t help that a majority of the male roles are gay and that I have pretty much cast the sole heterosexual lead male already (I haven’t made it official, but I’m already seeing the actor in mind as that role and he has expressed interest in playing it…)

This tends to mean that I am making things more difficult for myself as not all beginning actors are willing to play gay characters. I will need to put together a bit of a gameplan for where else to place casting calls…

Although now that I think about it – I really should put something up on the Big Idea – I got some bites last time I went there…

And I could probably post something on the 48 hours forum after next weekend, when people are still on their post 48 hour buzz and talking about how they should be making more films…

As if that isn’t enough to worry about, after a talk with Norman yesterday, I’m probably going to scrap my budget camera idea and use Norman’s instead. As much as I would like to test out the handicam idea, sound is going to be a problem, and I need it to be clear and strong.

I’ll still do a couple of test runs with my current equipment, but it is likely (especially if we get funding) that I will need to use equipment that is closer to television quality.

So I continue to learn and develop my skills. I’m really keen to see these shows completed and I genuinely hope that they are going to help me stand out from the crowd industry wise – I’d really like to be writing and working on a show as a regular gig…


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