Well it has been a while since I last updated this blog. The Winding City is coming along nicely and I’m arranging a meeting on Friday with a potential composer for the series. Woot!

I still need to explore the hosting aspects as I have no idea how to set up a site for the series… at the moment I’m considering just doing a blogspot site, as there are no copyright issues on my own materials. But I’ll keep looking. If anyone is able to offer help with setting up a website and hosting it, please get in contact with me. 🙂

Last weekend was the 48 hour challenge, and for a change I was not involved. Basically the last team I was in couldn’t do it – Margie was in Rarotonga – and Jenni’s team is so large now I didn’t even want to ask about being involved.

But I did spend the weekend working on film stuff. Firstly, I did rewrites for Setting it Straight, and I even managed to slip in a conversation with Nick Cole about Winding City 2 while we were waiting to go in to Star Trek at the Embassy.

Now I was going to talk more about my thoughts on making 48 hour films, but I still haven’t quite solidified them yet. I have some observations based on my experiences so far – especially regarding time management, how to plan ahead of the weekend and so on – but I still don’t feel that I have thought these through to completion yet. 🙂

On another note, my feverish imagination has come up with another series concept – putting my current list of ideas after Winding City and Setting it Straight at 4 confirmed series concepts. I already have an idea of what I want to take on after Setting it Straight – but that will depend on whether I can develop it enough to be satisfied with starting it or whether I’ll be involved in some other project by that point.

As Camille Landau and Tiare White say in their book “What they don’t teach you at Film School” – “If you want to make films, make films”

I’m planning to live by that creed. I want to be making shows whether someone recognises my work or not. Just like a writer always writes to improve their craft and skill, a film-maker does the same. If I seriously want to be producing, writing and/or directing as a career – I need to keep making films to learn, grow and improve. 🙂

Hence, I will be working on projects for some time to come. And if you think The Winding City is the best I can come up with, you haven’t seen anything yet… 😉