Window onto a new view

Window onto a new view

Nick P and I have finally moved into our new flat. While the place is a little draftier than I remember, it is a pretty cool location and flat – we’re still setting up so it’ll be a little while before it is really a home – but we’re making a lot of progress settling in.


As part of the move, I ended up caving in and upgrading my imac to one of the new titanium 20″ models. So if anyone who knows me has been thinking about getting an imac, I have an old intel duo core 17″ you could buy off me for a reasonable price – drop me a line and we can chat. I still will need to remove all my data and files, but the offer is there.

We’re still sorting out things like furniture – I’m planning to go have a look at what’s available through farmers etc… no hurry – but it will be good to have seating for visitors. 😀

In regards to film-making, I’ve been pretty focused on the move and I’m about to dive back into the whole Setting it Straight casting now that we’re at the new flat.

Not a heck of a lot more to report yet – give us a few weeks to settle and for me to get other plans underway!