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Once you get an iPhone, you will find that your life will change.

apple-iphone-3gThose were the words told to me by a friend of mine who had one of the original non-3g iPhones. It had been jailbroken, and was running off Vodafone’s network quite happily. I was, as anyone who knows me and my technophile nature, a tad jealous.

But as I mentioned in a previous blog – Vodafone was just not making iPhones a financially appealing purchase. I also suspected there was a degree of self-justification in Luke’s claim.

Anyway, over the last few months, as the Xnet war grew between Vodafone and Telecom, iPhone plans have dropped in price and my work has meant that getting an iPhone was becoming more and more viable a choice.

So I started entertaining the ways I could possibly upgrade to a new iPhone. Breaking point came this week when I saw my boss using his iPhone to manage his work e-mails as well as personal accounts. So I did some financial black magic and procured a new 16GB 3g iPhone.


Luke, believe it or not, was right. As part of my job I have had to deal with smartphones before – particularly the oddly popular Blackberry. Forget those phones. There is just nothing quite like an iPhone.

The task flow is amazingly intuitive – while the touch screen is certainly a big factor, it’s the combination of applications and data management that has impressed me.

Now I’m quite a multitasker and with my web series, work and personal life I have three e-mail accounts that I manage. With the iPhone, they are all synced up and I did it within a couple of minutes. Now I get my e-mails hourly sent to my phone and I can manage my folders and details from the phone.

While I’m doing this, I’m also able to keep my facebook updated and can now follow what everyone else is doing with a much simpler interface and ease of information.

MEANWHILE, I’m also managing my iTunes library remotely from my base computer and able to set up playlists while I’m in the laundry room so that when I walk into the study, the music has been queued up and is playing.

If that isn’t impressive enough, I also get to handle my facebook chats, skype, SMS and phone calls all from the one device. To further benefit the system, my iPhone can be set to wi-fi, meaning I’m not eating up valuable mobile data usage when I’m home, then I set it to 3g when I leave the house – allowing me to keep working seamlessly on my e-mails/chats etc.

Did I also mention that it takes great quality pics that I can upload straight to Facebook.

Not only has my iPhone now changed the way I manage SMS and e-mailing, it has revived my use of Facebook without the hassle of those annoying facebook applications that usually spam your notifications.

Later today I will also be downloading the WordPress app for iPhone, and so even my blog will be able to be kept up to date when I have the ideas to discuss rather than me having to wait until I can “find time.”

I also have to investigate setting up Twitter as well…

The iPhone is definitely the step towards that universal personal device of sci-fi futures – it means I have whole new ways of keeping in touch with everyone. This is pretty cool. 🙂


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