It has been one of those mornings. I had to get up early due to my being the only manager not on annual leave able to co-ordinate transition this morning, and I seem to have lost my earphones last night without knowing how.

So here I am blogging on my way to work because I can’t listen to any music. It’s quite surprising how grumpy that makes me.

I believe we all have our odd quirks and obsessions, one of mine is music while walking. I literally turned my bedroom upside down this morning looking for them.

Part of the reason, I suspect, comes from when I was younger and I would go everywhere with my Walkman, my pockets bursting with tapes so that I could change music at a moments notice.

For me, music was an escape from a troubling time with family and the collapse of a strong friendship after I came out to my best friend.

Maybe there is something freudian about my obsessive hunt this morning.

The city is particularly cold this morning, and it looks as though I will be a few minutes late to work – but not as late as I feared.

I’ll be picking up my new PS3 game this morning – inFamous. It’s a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed. With SUPAPOWAZ! That should cheer me up somewhat.

Last night, Nick introduced me to 3:10 to Yuma. The Russel Crowe/Christian Bale version. I must admit that I was impressed with it.

It was a ballsy film that was faithful to its genre, with a quiet intensity that had me on edge for most of the film.

I must admit, the ending was actually a surprise – which is a refreshing change for a guy like me who often figures out the twists in your average movie these days.

Two thumbs up.

Well I’m almost at work now, so I’ll be signing off here. Hope you all have a great day! 🙂