I found my earphones! Ended up that they fell down behind my bed. *blush*

So I am now walking into work listening to the Skins soundtrack -among other albums.

It’s interesting walking in to work blogging on my iPhone while listening to music. We had a discussion at work yesterday about the new Star Trek movie, and the challenge to the design team that modern technology held for the original series devices.

After all, why have Tricorders the way they were in the original series- bulky tape recorder boxes compared to modern devices which have incredible usability and capability in comparison.

It presents an interesting thought about the future of technology. A few years ago Henley told me he felt humanity had reached a technology peak. Well that has been sufficiently disproven.

Speaking of technology, I started playing inFamous. Omg! That is one awesome game. The game is incredibly open, but what really makes it work is that something as simple as crossing the city is full of stunts and things to do.

The presentation is superb. Two thumbs up on that game. 🙂

Nick, Sarah and I also watched the first few episodes of Angel last night. Nick made a good point that the series has really held up well ten years later.

It’s still funny, creepy and relevant. Go Joss!

Although reading about the canon sixth series comics has made me realise how the series lost its way and fell to Whedon melodrama.

I love Joss’ work, but sometimes he gets too dark and can lose “the magic” so to speak. He usually comes out the other end fine, but I don’t always agree that the journey he takes needed to be taken.

Killing well liked characters is a great twist until it becomes expected. Then you need to find a new trick before going back to it.

Nathan Fillion says on the Dr Horrible commentary “it’s Joss! Somebody is going to die. Deal with it.” as if that’s a good thing.

When it gets to the point of being a trope if the writer it loses its effect and just becomes mean spirited.

To be blunt, I still feel that in Angel, when it happens to a certain character it felt like a death for the sake of a death. In other words, it was crap.

I get it, you want to get the audience feeling kicked in the teeth – but Joss, dude, pick your moments more sparingly. It gets to the point where I no longer want to invest in a character because someone is guaranteed to die.

Anyhoop, nearly at work. I’ll catch you all later! 🙂