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It can tale time to flesh out a creative project, especially when you have to work at “repurposing” the project.

I had intended to complete my rewrites of Setting it Straight by now, however I have been a little blocked for the actual story.

I’m also working on casting. At the moment, shock horror, I’ve been toying with the thought of taking on the main part myself, mostly because I’m yet to find an actor who I feel could provide the right “tone.”

The thing is that I kind of don’t know if I’m as good as I might think I am. I haven’t acted professionally since I was 24 or so. I also tend to think it’s a bit up myself.

I could end up choking big time. 🙂

The other consideration is that it would make directing a challenge. While acting I’d be struggling to keep an eye on everything else in the scenes I’d be in.

I think what I will need to do is run my own audition, and be bluntly honest with myself about my ability. I wonder if I know someone who could be an unbiased party who could give me a second opinion.

Here is hoping I hear back from a couple of the actors who contacted me. 🙂



Yesterday I bought the Dead Like Me movie. Long time followers of my blogging will no doubt remember that I loved the quirky show about Grim Reapers in Seattle that was cruelly cancelled in its prime.

After several years if hard work, the show’s producers got the funds to make a straight to DVD movie with the hopes that it might go the way of Family Guy and be able to reignite interest in the show.

Unfortunately two of the original cast were not available, and the key creatives behind the sharp scripts and production weren’t either.

Sometimes it is best to know when the odds are against you. Yet this movie was still made. While the original cast do their best with a truly awful script and crap storyline, nothing manages to prevent this from feeling horribly awkward to watch and very weakly directed.

In short…

It’s a shit film.

Arrested Development, on the otherhand is proving to live up to the hype. I missed this show when it aired, but I find it to be incredibly fun to watch.

I’ll talk more on it after I gave finished watching season one.

Still kind of in a relationship malaise at the moment. I wonder if all these games and DVDs I’m getting is symptomatic of my feeling a tad empty? Or maybe I’m just a big old consumer. 🙂

See you all later! Have a great day!


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