Today I am off work to get a CT scan – nothing major, just possible kidney stones. But what a day to have off!

iPhone OS 3.0 has been released today! The thing is that Apple seem to have underestimated the volume of people who chose to download it.

The server that authenticates the dowloads keeps getting overloaded, meaning it can take several attempts to update your phone before the update actually activates.

But it certainly is worth it. The update doesn’t do too much that is obviously major – rather it subtley improves on the existing workflow. Which isn’t a bad thing, as the iPhone workflow is remarkably user friendly and intuitive.

What has been added is great! Voice memos are great, with an impressive quality of sound. Copying and pasting os another great addition, with a nice select system that allows you to select words with one digit as opposed to needing both thumbs.

I’m yet to test MMS, but I suspect it will also provide great services.

All in all, I like the improved usability provided.

On the matter of iPhones, I have been looking at plans for data usage. I have now confirmed that my monthly usage will likely be in the 250MB range quite comfortably. What is interesting is that vodafone’s iPhone bundle is ultimately calculating out to be a rip-off.

Even with financing, buying an iPhone outright and connecting to Telecom’s XT network is shaping up to potentially save me the equivalent of $80 a month!

See, I do a lot if txting and so the $40 a month VF plan is too small. However, the $60 a month plan only provides 200 txts a month and additional minutes beyond 60 @ 79 c or so.

If I choose an XT plan, I simply build a plan to suit my usage. For $60 I can get 50 mins, 600 txts and 240 Mbs with additional mins costing me 59c.

Now 400 txts sound like a measely exchange for the lost 10mins and 10 MB that I’d have on VF. Until you do the maths.

400 extra txts on the VF account is equal to $80.

10 mins is $5.90 extra on XT. Plus $1 for an extra 10 MB.

Feel free to correct me if my figures are out – I’m typing this while walking, so I am working off memory.

To further compound the disparity. XT offers an open term agreement, which means you can always opt out. VF requires you to be on a 24 mth term. I haven’t seen any t&c that advise an open term if you buy the phone outright.

So it should come as no surprise that I am seriously considering the move – it was the whole reason I chose to go prepay. VF were EXTREMELY rude to me when I started investigating getting an iPhone – from making it sound like I was not the ideal customer for their system to expecting me to legally bond myself to overpriced plans if they deemed me worthy of an account.

Conversely, Telecom has been naturally eager to get people on board and were pleasant, understanding of my needs and queries. So there is a bit of bias on my part. VF fear competition, but rather than improve customer service and offer competitive plans, they seem more interested in legally binding customers to stay with them.

Goodbye vodafone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well back to playing with my new iPhone OS. ๐Ÿ™‚