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So having not successfully made it into Escalator, Catherine – the producer I teamed up with – has convinced me to apply for the Early Development Fund at the NZFC. This has lead to some of the most hardcore script writing I have done since I decided to revamp the original Winding City scripts two years ago.

Giving the story a lot of thought, and rethinking about how it would fit into a feature film, I realised that my very first scripts were more feature film than television series. There is a complete story, very witty dialogue and great moments. So I mushed all six original episodes into one screenplay – to find it was only about 59 minutes worth of script.

The next step has been to polish the script from that ungodly mess. Fortunately the original story has a strong filmic pacing, and with the lessons I have learned over the last three years, the characters are much stronger as well.

So with rewrites, edits and then padding, I have the current script up to 70 minutes and still to be finished. The finale is going to be dramatically different from the original script, as the main antagonist’s plan goes in a different direction from my earlier idea.

While I want to leave room for a sequel, the first film needs to stand on its own.

But looking over the NZFC’s storytelling FAQs, I am worried that we may struggle selling the script to NZFC.

The main issue is that they seem to have it in their heads that a good film only has ONE protagonist. Now, Winding City effectively has three core protagonists and four secondary leads. Primarily there is a central protagonist, but he doesn’t really get introduced as such until about ten minutes into the film. Sure he’s an early character, but one of the other protagonists takes a good 2 minutes of screen time setting up the situation.

Now I could rewrite it to firmly place Bram as the core protagonist – but part of the drama in the film is the character dynamics between my three main characters.

No doubt after we have a script development analyst look over the script there will be some changes, I’m really worried we wont get to that stage.

I am loving this version more than the previous iterations of the story, though. A lot more information is provided about the city, the characters are stronger…

I just have to be determined and get this script to the point where it is clear where the film is heading.

I think this has all the promise of being a big hit of a film – but it is still a very long haul to see it getting made. 😦


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