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And the war continues between Actors Equity and Sir Peter Jackson. What floors me is that Spada and Sir Peter offered to attend the Wellington meeting last night to discuss the matter, and they were turned down.

Now Actors Equity appears to be dragging this out, while Sir Peter has warned that Warner is already beginning to plan how to save their movie.

How clueless are the heads of Actors Equity?

Once a film is in production stage, time is of the essence. No doubt NZAE and MEAA were hoping that this would force Warner and Wingnut to want to rush to resolve the issue. What they didn’t count on is the producers being stubborn.

Unfortunately for them, this is making NZ look bad to the rest of the film industry. The timing of the boycott has placed the film in jeopardy and it has been revealed that Spada have been trying to resolve disputes with NZAE for over a year.

The impression being created is that NZAE is trying to hold the industry hostage rather than aiming to get a genuine compromise. This will not end well for the industry as a whole unless all parties involved resolve this before the end of the weekend.

NZAE has hours, not days, to get this fixed. I will not be surprised if Monday’s news will be that the Hobbit is moving to Eastern Europe.

And that will make work for guys like me, who want to make a break into the industry, that much tougher.

There is a time and place to pick a fight. The more I hear, the less sympathy I have for NZAE. Which is a shame as there are many talented actors who will be more harmed by this action than by any non-union contract Wingnut would have offered.


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