I do on occasion check out The Big Idea in the hopes of spotting an opportunity to expand my experience and skills in Film-making. It is always interesting to see what others are trying to do in the pursuit of making it in the industry.

What recently struck me is one Wellington based gentleman who has chosen to make a series of fake trailers or scenes for non-existent action films. The idea appears to be to make a showreel of material – which is always an admirable goal.

However this Aussie ex-pat seems to be stuck in the 80s regarding what the market wants. His ads stress that all work has to be American focused. No antipodean accents, no NZ culture or style. Just pure America.

Talk about limiting yourself. Not to mention that most kiwis and ockers do atrocious American accents. A brief look over his personal website shows a guy who clearly is a fan of EXTREME cinema to the tune of “Yippee Kai Yay.”

Of which there isn’t anything wrong, action is very challenging to write and film. Having a passion for it is no different to only writing fantasy or liking sci-fi.

I just think that if he wants to be noticed he’s not going to achieve it by pandering to the audience. A brief glance on the net shows this kind of attempt is a dime-a-dozen. It isn’t enough to be good. You need to stand out.

Producers aren’t concerned with accents and locale when it comes to finding new talent – look at District 9 – they want to know you can bring something exciting.

I reckon a witty series of Kiwi and Aussie action trailers with humour unique to our part of the world would grab more attention than a series of generic action trailers with bad US accents.

It is interesting to see someone proposing this, as I start planning projects based on my experience with The Winding City and oversee the final steps of the first episode edit. I wonder how successful his project is going to be, knowing how hard it is to find people willing to work for free.