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Well it has been a little while since I last posted on this blog. To put it in simple terms, I have been extremely busy!

My latest web project Setting it Straight has now entered filming, and we’re near to successfully wrapping on the first two episodes. Unlike The Winding City, this show has virtually no complex effects, so once it is edited and we have added music – it will be online!

It certainly has been an educational experience for me. I have made it a more collaborative effort than TWC, which means that the actors have had more input regarding their character’s storylines. I have since learned that if you give an actor an inch, they tend to take a mile!

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – as some great ideas have been bourne from this process. Unfortunately I have run into a bit of a situation with one if the cast who has waited until we’re near wrapping to tell me that he won’t kiss anyone. Normally I’d be fine with that, however this is an integral part of the character’s behaviour and was something I had clearly stated during auditions.

It is, to say the least, extremely frustrating.

So I have started to reorganize the story if the series to work this in – not an easy task given that I am juggling several subplots, and either have to create a new character or dramatically rearrange the current storylines to fit in the actor I had already cast for his now derailed storyline.

Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. It’s remarkable how much GMing roleplaying games has made me skilled at creating new plotlines in a pinch!

During the shoot, the director accidently filmed two scenes that he didn’t realise were linked (we filmed out of order and he is new to directing) in such a way that one couldn’t logically follow the other in editing. I just sat down and pumped out a one page “filler” scene that explained a number of background events we had initially shot for laughs, tied up a loose storyline AND introduced a character two episodes earlier than planned with better integration than I had originally conceived!

I’m quite proud of that achievement. 🙂

All in all, the weekend proved incredibly productive and fun. We’re achieving my goal of making a zero budget show with people getting the opportunity to try out roles they normally don’t get a chance to try. Hence the inexperienced director.

Having said that Matt was inexperienced, he did do a fantastic job. He knew to film scenes multiple times and from varying angles – so the editor should have plenty if material to work with.

Projects like this are what help people gain confidence and experience – and I’m hoping that is the case for some of the people who worked on the weekend.

I’m all excited for next weekend now! 🙂



So here is another beautiful, crisp, winter morning in Wellington.

I’ve been kind of overworking myself with writing, producing, working and roleplaying. It is great when I get a moment to just relax and meditate a bit on what is going on in my life.

Firstly, I have become addicted to True Blood. It is so sexy and funny and creepy. Unfortunately, Nick is not a fan of the Louisana accents and just can’t get into the show. Which means I usually have to wait until I can watch the series alone as I bought it on Blu Ray – which looks awesome and is loaded with features.

It does amuse me how the character, Jason seems to need to be naked at least once an episode. Not that I’m complaining – he is super hot – but it is kind of funny to observe.

The tone of the series is really spot on, slow burning but hypnotic.

I did note that it treads much of the same ground as Twilight – but if it had been written by someone other than a woman with an obsession with abusive boyfriends.

In other news, The Winding City continues to develop, and the digital artist I’ve gotten involved with the project is producing some exciting conceptual art. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with! 🙂

Well almost at work – see you all later! 🙂


Finally a blog update. I have the more stable version of the WordPress iPhone app, so I should be able to soon get back into writing my blog more regularly.

I have a number if things that I’m keen to write about. True Blood, Kings, Castle, my two webshows and roleplaying. So keep posted over the next few days. 🙂


Now that I’ve started entertaining the idea of acting on my next series, I’ve found myself inspired for a variety of interesting storylines.

What strikes me is that I am moving away from Finn as central character and now I’m thinking of exploring Finn and Ryan’s friendship.

Part of this is inspired by an article Angeline sent me that pointed out that the gay best friend has become the new accessory for many female television characters.

So I’m realizing that having a show that looks at two friends – one gay and one straight & male – gives me a lot more scope to play around with.

With this in mind, much of the more complex structure is gone. The series is going to focus on four central characters – Finn, Ryan, Sascha and Debbie.

This could prove to be a lot more interesting for viewers as the show won’t be about just a gay guy, but more on how his issues are no different from his friends.

Even if I end up not casting myself as Finn, I am preferring the direction the show is going. I’ll be casting folk this weekend and sending the cast the first episode.

Of course I’ve already cast Ryan and Sascha, just have to decide the other characters.



This is my first mobile blog post ever! I am writing this in KFC on my iPhone while I wait for the weather to clear up enough to walk to my Sunday game.

I recently got into a discussion about my latest project – Setting it Straight- and I had ended up getting into a discussion about genre.

You see, for the last 25 years or so I have been fairly genre bound in my writing. I have always written fantasy, scifi or horror. Never broke out of those genres.

But SIS is none of these. It’s a comedy-drama firmly rooted in the real world. The surprise to myself while working on it has been that it feels like some of the best work I’ve done to date.

While the show is far from being fully written, I have found the tone and style so quickly and I love the dialogue. The work I’ve written so far feels so natural and I have enjoyed writing it.

It has made me realise that one of the best things a writer can do is challenge his/her habits and break out of that comfort zone so many writers fall into.

While I can be occasionally witty when talking to people, I have always been uncertain that I could write a consistently funny comedy. Yet here I am looking at breaking out of genre and style, and I feel that it is better than a lot of stuff I have written before.

Next weekend I’ll be running auditions for the show – being freed of visual effects means I can get the show filming much sooner than it took the Winding City. Here’s hoping that the casting goes well.

Of course I have a lot of the talent from the Winding City showing up, so I shouldn’t have anything to fear.



Window onto a new view

Window onto a new view

Nick P and I have finally moved into our new flat. While the place is a little draftier than I remember, it is a pretty cool location and flat – we’re still setting up so it’ll be a little while before it is really a home – but we’re making a lot of progress settling in.


As part of the move, I ended up caving in and upgrading my imac to one of the new titanium 20″ models. So if anyone who knows me has been thinking about getting an imac, I have an old intel duo core 17″ you could buy off me for a reasonable price – drop me a line and we can chat. I still will need to remove all my data and files, but the offer is there.

We’re still sorting out things like furniture – I’m planning to go have a look at what’s available through farmers etc… no hurry – but it will be good to have seating for visitors. 😀

In regards to film-making, I’ve been pretty focused on the move and I’m about to dive back into the whole Setting it Straight casting now that we’re at the new flat.

Not a heck of a lot more to report yet – give us a few weeks to settle and for me to get other plans underway!



Jarratt said to me recently that it is good to keep momentum going when you are working on a project. With The Winding City heading well into post, with the second episode looking pretty good so far, I need to leap into my next project as soon as possible.

So daring am I, that I have already put out a casting call for Setting it Straight. I have continued to revise the first two episodes, but I’m keen to get my characters cast and the actors rehearsing while I finish off the first series of SIS.

Once again I find myself with more actresses than planned female roles and not enough actors. Currently I’m investigating whether I can get some funding to help entice more talented cast with actual money – but I’m not sure how viable that option is going to be. To make funding work out, I really will need to work on a business plan as to how the series could potentially make that money back.

It’s feasible – but adds a whole new layer of difficulty to planning the series.

What strikes me as interesting is that there seems to be more actresses willing to work on volunteer projects than actors. Of course it doesn’t help that a majority of the male roles are gay and that I have pretty much cast the sole heterosexual lead male already (I haven’t made it official, but I’m already seeing the actor in mind as that role and he has expressed interest in playing it…)

This tends to mean that I am making things more difficult for myself as not all beginning actors are willing to play gay characters. I will need to put together a bit of a gameplan for where else to place casting calls…

Although now that I think about it – I really should put something up on the Big Idea – I got some bites last time I went there…

And I could probably post something on the 48 hours forum after next weekend, when people are still on their post 48 hour buzz and talking about how they should be making more films…

As if that isn’t enough to worry about, after a talk with Norman yesterday, I’m probably going to scrap my budget camera idea and use Norman’s instead. As much as I would like to test out the handicam idea, sound is going to be a problem, and I need it to be clear and strong.

I’ll still do a couple of test runs with my current equipment, but it is likely (especially if we get funding) that I will need to use equipment that is closer to television quality.

So I continue to learn and develop my skills. I’m really keen to see these shows completed and I genuinely hope that they are going to help me stand out from the crowd industry wise – I’d really like to be writing and working on a show as a regular gig…


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