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Well it has been a little while since I last posted on this blog. To put it in simple terms, I have been extremely busy!

My latest web project Setting it Straight has now entered filming, and we’re near to successfully wrapping on the first two episodes. Unlike The Winding City, this show has virtually no complex effects, so once it is edited and we have added music – it will be online!

It certainly has been an educational experience for me. I have made it a more collaborative effort than TWC, which means that the actors have had more input regarding their character’s storylines. I have since learned that if you give an actor an inch, they tend to take a mile!

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – as some great ideas have been bourne from this process. Unfortunately I have run into a bit of a situation with one if the cast who has waited until we’re near wrapping to tell me that he won’t kiss anyone. Normally I’d be fine with that, however this is an integral part of the character’s behaviour and was something I had clearly stated during auditions.

It is, to say the least, extremely frustrating.

So I have started to reorganize the story if the series to work this in – not an easy task given that I am juggling several subplots, and either have to create a new character or dramatically rearrange the current storylines to fit in the actor I had already cast for his now derailed storyline.

Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. It’s remarkable how much GMing roleplaying games has made me skilled at creating new plotlines in a pinch!

During the shoot, the director accidently filmed two scenes that he didn’t realise were linked (we filmed out of order and he is new to directing) in such a way that one couldn’t logically follow the other in editing. I just sat down and pumped out a one page “filler” scene that explained a number of background events we had initially shot for laughs, tied up a loose storyline AND introduced a character two episodes earlier than planned with better integration than I had originally conceived!

I’m quite proud of that achievement. 🙂

All in all, the weekend proved incredibly productive and fun. We’re achieving my goal of making a zero budget show with people getting the opportunity to try out roles they normally don’t get a chance to try. Hence the inexperienced director.

Having said that Matt was inexperienced, he did do a fantastic job. He knew to film scenes multiple times and from varying angles – so the editor should have plenty if material to work with.

Projects like this are what help people gain confidence and experience – and I’m hoping that is the case for some of the people who worked on the weekend.

I’m all excited for next weekend now! 🙂


I’ve done it! Casting is completed and what talented folk I have in this show. 🙂

I ended up casting myself for the moment as Finn – unfortunately the only actor of the appropriate age just didn’t suit the character.

Still a bit nervous about taking the role, but it should be fun and a good challenge. Now script development begins in earnest.

One of the more difficult aspects of script writing is figuring out what needs to be said or shown. Time is at a premium and sometimes the more natural scenes can run too long.

Currently I am working on a scene set prior to a party that sets up Finn’s motivation to go to the party. However the scene is becoming a bit indulgent with Max, Finn and Ryan’s conversation.

I’m realising that the scene kind of hinges on a simple joke and then just drags on afterwards. There is also a humorous prologue that isn’t feeling funny enough.

So the question I am asking myself is how much of the funny dialogue could just be moved to the party? Much of the exposition could probably be moved to the party sequence.

I want each episode to run 10 mins maximum, so I can’t have too many locations per episode.

Hopefully I can develop this more tonight after Dark Heresy. Anyway, I’m at work now, catch you all later.


In my endless search for new ideas of what can be done with webtelevision, I stumbled across yet another brilliant comedy – Mr Deity.

Essentially the series follows the trials and tribulations of Mr Deity as he goes about handling the creation and running of the universe with the aid of his personal assistant, Larry.

I’ve only watched a couple of episodes so far, but I’m loving the irreverent and soft humour – and presenting Mr Deity in that Hollywood director manner is just brilliant. The episode I’ve linked to has Mr Deity trying to convince Jesus to go to Earth and fulfill the New Testament. I love how Jesus responds – especially when he says “Am I being Punk’d?”

Very clever show. Check it out! 😀

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In my travels investigating WebTV in preparation for my own project, I ‘ve come across some really brilliant material!

There is a large and continually growing community of WebTV shows that are literally paving the way for the generation in television. They cover all manner of genres and styles, and are a mix of amateur to professional in quality.

Currently my two favourites are both comedies.

Something To Be Desired is a show about a group of friends and work colleagues connected to a non-profit radio station in Pittsburgh – WANT FM. It has a great mix of ad-libbing and scripting to produce and amusing show that is also touching. I love the characters and how they interact.

The humour is subtle, with very real situations involving very real people.

On the converse side, there is Goodnight Burbank which looks at what goes on in a newsroom while the articles play. It is fricking hilarious! Although I personally love the spin-off series Goodnight Burbank Breaking News with Autumn Stanton – which involves on location reporter Autumn and her constant frustration with her NBC newsreporter roommate (who is a complete airhead.)

Check out these sites and treat yourself to some very talented shows. This is the kind of thing I’m hoping to produce with Project TWC. Fingers crossed. 😀

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