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So here I am in Orkland, currently typing from a cybercafe because Mum’s place has no wireless or reliable internet connectivity for my laptop. (GASP HORROR!)

Yesterday was a great return to the land of Orks – we went to Newmarket, did a little shopping and had  very nice lunch at Cafe Massimo on Nuffield Street. (I recommend the spicy chicken and bacon burger…)

That evening, a nice walk to Pearl Garden restaurant (an old haunt for us, and still one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to) where we enjoyed a delicious dish known as Bang Bang Chicken.

Aaaaand that’s about where the good times ended. Last night convinced me why I prefer living in Wellington – the humidity and heat. I simply don’t remember Auckland being so insanely hot. I was roasting in my bed – and kept waking up due to there seemingly being no respite from the humid heat. I swear it was close to 2o degrees in there! At night!

At least at home if I throw off the covers, I can get some sleep and cool. But last night, with the window open and the covers off – I was cooking!

I can’t wait to get home for a decent night’s sleep.

Other than that, though, it is great to be visiting the old haunts and places I used to hang out… although some terrible news… Oporto appears to have closed down!!!!!

F*&*k Nandos – Oporto did the best chilli chicken burgers I have ever had… but fear not, gentle readers, I will keep hunting to see if it simply moved… 😀


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