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The scan was an interesting experience yesterday. I went in and initially just had to lie down while being put through the machine.

Then the radiologist advised that I was going to need a contrast injection to help them see how everything was working. At this point a very pleasant woman came up gave me some small talk and injected a needle into my arm while the radiologist wheeled out a weird contraption that they hooked up to the needle.

At this point the machine started pumping in a solution that caused this strange sensation – I’m pretty conscious of the workings of my body, and the woman advised me that I could experience a hot flush all over my body or a metallic tang in my mouth and nostrils, or even feel that I was urinating when I wasn’t.

I didn’t get any of those. I felt the solution moving through my bloodstream. It was a weird sensation like swigging black sambuca into my heart. Once it reached there, I felt it spread out to my hands and feet – not hot or cold, but a kind of rush of pins through the veins.

It was kind of cool.

Results are still to come in.

In other events, I completed playing [PROTOTYPE] last night. It is a remarkably addictive game, with insane parkour free-running and crazy epic scale battles between infected monsters and US Marines in the middle of Manhattan.

Not as polished as inFamous, but still a lot of fun. I will write more on it later!


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