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Ahhh, Valentines, a holiday that was created by capitalism.

Yep. St Valentine had no link the concept of Romantic love. In fact, very little is known about St Valentine. Valentine’s day, as we know it, was started in the early 20th century through the sales of greeting cards.

Still, what is sad about this day is it really is an opportunity for single people to look for a little romance, but becomes a day where if you’re single… it gets rubbed in your face by all the couples of the world.

Well, if you let it. 🙂

This year, I’ve decided to have a pretty quiet day and just relax at home. It’s been very refreshing.

Having been single for a long time, mostly my own doing (I am a fussy guy), I often find Valentine’s day a time where I think back on why I haven’t found the one yet. I’ve had five guys I thought were the one, but clearly – I was wrong.

Love is such a fiddly thing to comprehend. Like so many feelings, it has so many nuanced levels and stages. There is the love for family. There is the love for someone you are sexually attracted to. There is the love for someone you admire. And then there is the love for friends.

It’s all the same core feeling, but it elicits different needs and responses based on who it is that you love.

I do sometimes wonder if I will fall in love again. I haven’t had a particularly impressive track record down here – a lot of false starts and little else. But you can’t write the future. There are still a good 6 billion people I haven’t met yet. 😀

The other thing on my mind today is Fallout 3 – mostly because I completed it last night. Wow.

What a crap finish to a great game.

The game ended with a situation that provided a binary solution, despite there being a hulkingly obvious third option standing next to me at the end of the game. And yet, I couldn’t take that option.

How freaking stupid. Then there was the lazy vignette of pictures at the end with a voice over that tried to imply the result of my decision without actually showing how the story ended!

It really pisses me off when game designers do this kind of thing. It’s sloppy and lazy.

As was pointed out by someone on a recent thread, it is important to end your story well – otherwise people will hate you for it. An audience will forgive a lot if you end your story well. The same goes for games. If you cop out at the end, then expect people to be pissed – no matter how well you told the story to that point. Conversely, you can write a particularly average story but have such an amazing ending, people will forgive the shortcomings.

The art of a good ending is a challenging one. Heck, I’ve always found final scenes a tough balancing act. Even now I wonder if The Winding City’s first season ending is up to scratch. (I think it will be)

Yep… that’s all for now. I’m going to go sort out my lunch now.


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