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Another day and a chance to relax. Last night I picked up The Sims 3 after having seen it being played. I have always had a thing for the Sims line – as have a lot of gamers.

I suspect it has something to do with being able to control the flow oftge Sims’ lives. Maybe it allows us to live our lives we’d like them to be.

For me it’s more to do with being able to tell interesting stories with a mini cast.

However I didn’t play for too long. I’m still hooked on inFamous. This is quite an impressive game.

It is faithful to the comicbook genre that is its inspiration, with a great backstory that continually unfolds as you play.

Moral choices are well handled too. Being a comicbook setting, the choices are black and white, but the interesting element is that when they arise the game freezes while the protagonist outlines the actions he can take and the likely consequences of his decision.

And being a comicbook, these pop up all the time. It gives the feeling that every choice and action carries weight within the game.

Now most if this is smoke and mirrors -it mostly has a mechanical effect on what powers become available, but it is handled well. There are also a good number of different missions that keep things from getting too repetitive.

The other cool element is that all the collectibles have a payoff. Either they give you more raw power or provide a voice recording that develops the backstory. And there are a good number of these.

On top of all this there are random events that just keep the world from
feeling mechanical. Television reports based on your actions as well as wider events, people who will run up to you and ask you to chase down thieves, walking into firefights between cops and gangs.. The game has a great feel to it.

Well that’s all for now. I am walking into town to look at some specials, maybe grab lunch. See y’all later.


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