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I’ve been watching the ongoing WikiLeaks saga with much interest. It is intriguing how much the media has deliberately muddied the waters here. Did WikiLeaks put people in danger or didn’t they? Did they release hundreds of thousands of secret cables or only tens of thousands after having guidance from reputable newspaper agencies?

It is a shame to see the morbid glee some reporters have demonised Assange and WikiLeaks instead of just reporting the facts of the case. A good report I read, and I shamefully don’t have the link right now, pointed out that WikiLeaks broke every cable *after several major newspapers had already published them* and have only released 90,000 or so of the cables they have, each having been vetted and cleared to ensure no lives are unduly placed in harms way.

And yet the US is baying for blood over this very public embarrassment. Assange has been put in a position where he will eventually end up facing espionage charges in the US – and the whole matter seems to be very suspicious. I have no doubt that US courts will not be just in this case as the US has been lying about the releases and has been flagrantly ignoring legal process to hound WikiLeaks.

As for Assange’s character and the sex allegations, I have no idea what to make of that. I don’t want to dismiss the allegations of these women, because sexual assault is a very serious issue. I haven’t seen much of Assange to be able to make an informed judgement of character.

However it is suspicious that the timing of these allegations keep coinciding with activity on the WikiLeaks sites and in a country that can then extradite Assange to the US.

I do feel that the US bureaucracy is fighting a losing war. The Internet remains a user driven entity. Even Apple’s attempts to lock down usage have been circumvented. The very nature of the Internet means that it is very hard to quash something if a determined majority of netizens want it to remain.

As has recently been shown, WikiLeaks has continued and all that this saga has succeeded in doing so far is make a number of journalists look like they don’t do enough research, that the US prefers revenge over justice and isn’t even trying to hide it’s disregard for legal process.

This has polarised people between those who just accept the news and those who look deeper into the facts. Many media agencies should be ashamed by their handling of this matter through blatant dissemination of false information.

I will continue to watch this saga with interest.


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