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Hey there folks!

Check out my companion blog where I will be doing my writing exercises and short fiction to help keep my creativity flowing! What are you doing still here go NOW! 🙂


One of the things about creative endeavours is that you often unlock a flood of ideas as you continue to write. With the development of SiS I have found myself developing several other future productions as well.

One such concept is moving to the forefront of my mind – a kind of Charlie’s Angels for the new millennium. It’s a concept I’d probably need proper backing and resources to make it work – but the idea seems to have my trademark humour behind it.

I often find inspiration comes to me in the form of trailers. I will see how an ad would promote the show, then I’ll develop the story from there, using the set pieces and imagined dialogue as guidelines as to how the story develops.

This tends to keep me focused on the idea that every scene should potentially have trailer worthy material.

Of course the reality is sometimes a bit different to this. But I have been growing more confident in my ability as a writer – failing to get into the MA for writing at Vic University certainly threw me for a while there.

I’ve realised recently that I’m also becoming more focused on film-making. I want to be working on projects all the time.

What I should do is investigate how to get a proposal to a production company. Naturally there is a risk of me losing control over the project, but then i’d be passing control to people with more experience and developed skill than myself.

That is assuming I can successfully sell a concept in the first place. 🙂

As it is, I have SiS, TWC and TWC2 to keep me preoccupied. 🙂


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