So here I am enjoying a few new things…

Firstly, I got another raise at work. It’s kind of amazing that I manage to get a sizeable bonus even when I’m not at work (I’m currently taking two weeks holiday) – so yay me!

Secondly, due to my good news, I finally went ahead with a plan I have been working on for a few months – NEW COMPUTER!

Now people who know me well should know that I tend to upgrade every 3-5 years. I have a very functional iMac, but I do a lot of my writing and work on the go – and my faithful MacBook has been with me for some time now. It’s a bit chuggy, the the superdrive DVD doesn’t work anymore. So I felt it was time to upgrade to a sexy new machine.

And what a machine – I have the new MacBook 13″ 2.0Ghz aluminium. It’s a high tech looking computer with it’s maglock charger, glass screen and glass coated trackpad with built in mouse button.

While is it smaller than my old laptop – it is widescreen, and very sexy with the latest OS X and came with free mircosoft office 2008 and Airport Extreme unit. I also bought a new digital camera – which I intend to use while I’m up in Auckland this weekend.

Thus here I am, typing away on my new toy and enjoying every minute of it.

Last weekend we had a rehearsal of the rest of the WC Project’s first season. It was great to see all the cast again and run over the scripts. It is always insightful to talk to the actors and get a feel for how they are approaching their characters – and I found this aided my inspiration while finishing of the scripts.

Jackie has advised me that she has found masks (yay!) and I’m now in the process of getting the schedule together and hitting this puppy HARD. I want this to be an amazing web TV experience, and one that will either lead to an actual television show or a web series that manages to fund itself and pay for the actors to return for a second season.

We recently watched over the footage we’ve already filmed, and everyone was still laughing at the performances and dialogue – which is a good sign considering how many times we’ve watched the footage and read the scripts.

I can’t wait!

More later! Have a great weekend folks!